Fight droughts and floods with Geoplast

Fight droughts and floods with Geoplast

Extreme temperatures and precipitation are flip sides of the same coin. Each degree of warming raises the atmosphere’s capacity for absorbing water vapor by 7 %, resulting in more intense rainfall.

Our innovations were developed with the climate crisis in mind, which makes them capable of addressing the issues of droughts, floods, or both at the same time. Below are the solutions that are readily available for your next project.

Fight droughts

Geoplast slab and foundation products

Slab and foundation products

The construction industry causes over 20 % of total global emissions, half of which goes to building materials production. Our foundation and slab products lower the amount of concrete by 20 % to 30 %, bringing significant reductions to the carbon footprint.

Geoplast green roofs and walls

Green products

As cities grow, they become increasingly sealed with asphalt, sending off more and more heat into the air. Using green roofs, walls, and paving instead, lowers outside temperatures and energy consumption in summer months, reducing urban heat island.

Geoplast water solution for reuse Aquabox

Water products

Sustainable water management is soon to become essential in fighting droughts in urban areas. Along with being used for flood control, water products such as Aquabox can also be utilized for rainwater harvesting and reuse for irrigation or domestic purposes.

Fight floods

Geoplast water solutions

Water products

Extreme rainstorms have made stormwater management a must in urban environments. Our water products are designed as panels, boxes, or tunnel-shaped modules that can easily adjust to any available space in dense city areas.

Geoplast green driveways

Green products

Intense rainfall can also be mitigated by creating permeable city surfaces. Along with reducing urban heat island, our green products retain and gradually release excess rainfall, decreasing the risk of sewer congestion and flooding.

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