5 projects made better with New Elevetor

New Elevetor is one of our most versatile products. Thanks to its high load-bearing capacity and adjustable height, it can serve many different purposes – from lightweight fills to flood prevention. Here are 5 New Elevetor projects that illustrate our point.

1 Lightweight fills - H-Farm Campus School District
Lightweight fills
H-Farm Campus School District, Roncade, Italy
New Elevetor was used for the backfilling of ground floor slabs on 2 levels: 105 and 125 cm, significantly reducing material transportation and handling costs.
2 Height adjustments - Municipal swimming pool renovation
Height adjustments
Municipal swimming pool, Bazas, France
The floor of the Municipal swimming pool in Bazas was raised from 4.5 m to 2.2 m, allowing substantial savings in the use of water.
3 MEP space and radon mitigation - Residential building in Rome
MEP space and radon mitigation
Residential building, Rome, Italy
New Elevetor helped build the ventilated foundations of the residential building in Rome, simultaneously providing radon gas protection and crawl spaces for the MEP system.
4 Slab insulation - Refrigiration warehouse extension
Slab insulation
Refrigeration warehouse extension, Padua, Italy
By creating void space between the ground and the refrigeration chamber, New Elevetor helped mitigate the moisture and prevent the risk of frost heaving.
5 Flood prevention - River Terminal
Flood prevention
River Terminal, New Jersey, USA
New Elevetor created a barrier between the ground and the building, lowering the risk of frequent flooding in the area.

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