Skynet – designed for Eurocode compliance

Skynet is one of our newest foundation products and the only lightweight fill formwork compliant with the Eurocode.

Eurocode is a set of 10 European standards that have replaced the previous national codes related to structural design. Skynet corresponds with Part 1 of Eurocode 2 (EN 1992-1-1:2004), which specifies general technical rules for designing concrete structures.

Unlike the solutions like gravel, EPS, and other lightweight fills, Skynet casts Ø250-300 mm concrete columns, in accordance with the minimum dimensions required by the EC2.

In addition, Skynet creates 25-35 cm lightweight slabs, which makes it a fill solution capable of simultaneously constructing ribbed slabs and structural columns of up to 3m in height.

Skynet is also equipped with 2 types of pedestals that make it equally efficient over hard surfaces and soft expanding soils.

Sustainable profitability

Along with creating high load-bearing structural fills, Skynet offers significant benefits in terms of the sustainable profitability of construction projects.

Skynet replaces tons of fill materials with void space and saves concrete by creating lightened slabs. Furthermore, its Ø125 mm tubes support the top formwork but stay empty during the pouring phase, keeping the use of concrete to a minimum.