Geopod – engineered for Australian Standards

Geopod - engineered for Australian Standards

Australia is a big construction market estimated at USD 172 billion in 2024. Its significance and unique building conditions, which frequently involve reactive clay sites susceptible to ground movement, required our specific focus on innovation.

Geopod is our newest foundation product designed in accordance with the Australian Residential Slabs & Footings Standard AS 2870-2011.
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The AS 2870-2011 standard specifies the structural design and construction requirements for concrete slabs and footings of residential houses built on expansive clay soil, commonly found in Australia.

Made from large 109 x 109 x h30 cm modules. Geopod is engineered to create concrete ribs spaced at 120 cm, adhering to the maximum size allowed by AS 2870-2011 for waffle slabs on the ground.

Geopod spacing

In addition to complying with AS 2870-2011, Geopod offers several other improvements for the sustainable profitability of construction projects compared to EPS and smaller pod systems. Its range also includes Geopod-Mini, Midi and specifically designed spacers, which, together with the large, stackable recycled plastic modules, enable:

  • Reduced use of concrete,
  • Improved logistics,
  • Adaptability to any worksite,
  • Fast and easy installation,
  • Increased sustainability.

Geopod advantages