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Urban Flooding Resilience Webinar

Predictions say that until 2040, floods will strongly impact Southeast Asian countries, due to climate change and global warming. During last 20 years, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand were affected by extreme disasters, such as typhoons, tsunamis and massive floods, leaving thousands of people without homes, water, and basic living conditions.

Alessandro’s webinar will present typical challenges in flooding resilience, our solutions and our products which can reduce millions of USD in damages.

We offer following flood management and resilience solutions:
Attenuation tank planning
Rainwater harvesting
Improvement in urban infrastructure and underground sewerage capacity
Creation of water accumulation tanks in limited space

Geoplast products Drening and Drainpanel allow fast and efficient mounting of systems that:
– Accumulate rainwater
– Drains rainwater
– Have high filtration and draining capability
– Higher volume of voids than gravel system

Also, New Elevetor Tank is used as formwork in building of large underground concrete tanks that take part in preventing usual crisis in sewerage systems, providing additional storage capacities.


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