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The evolution of green roofs: pre-vegetated trays, the turnkey solution

It is well known that increase of green areas provides numerous positive results in the cities. Green roofs contribute to these positive changes improving sustainability and resilience:

  • Decrease of the temperature on the local level,
  • Retain the rainwater and prevent flooding,
  • Decrease the use of air conditioning appliances,
  • Improve sound and thermal insulation of the buildings,
  • Mitigate the ‘heat island’ effect in urban areas.

The turnkey solution we propose is simple and based on the following process:

  • Pre-vegetation of plants in trays,
  • Packaging of pre-vegetated trays in pallets and transport to the site,
  • Fast and easy installation, due to trays’ modularity.

Use of pre-vegetated trays is one of the easiest ways to transform any roof into a green one. Pre-vegetation is done with resistant sedum plants and soil that absorbs rainwater and provides its slow run-off. The advantages of pre-vegetated trays are:

  • Easy installation, due to its modularity,
  • Capacity to retain up to 20 l of rainwater per m2,
  • Minimal maintenance requirements, due to resistant plants,
  • Placement on both flat and sloped roofs (up to 35 % slope),
  • Placement on almost any waterproof roof membrane known today,
  • Installation throughout the whole year,
  • Simplicity of installation and possibility of DIY (‘do it yourself’) intervention.

Our Chief Sales officer Luca Zausa will present the process of green roof development and the efficient solution capable to respond to emerging climate challenges.

Register for the webinar or contact us for more information.

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