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Solutions for more efficient rainwater drainage under permeable paving

Climate change is constantly threatening the built environment. Floodings caused by hurricanes, high tides or extreme precipitations, endanger urban areas around the world. The cities are challenged to become more prepared and resilient to climate change, making their whole surfaces permeable and responsive to amounts of water.

Large amount of water in urban areas present threat to safety, health, and urban sewage infrastructure.

We designed Geocell, New Elevetor Tank, and Drainpanel, to provide efficient solutions for rainwater management:

  • Reduction of surface runoff,
  • More efficient disposal toward the urban sewage system,
  • Stability of the self-locking pavement,
  • High compressive and mechanical strength.

Geocell is a product designed to allow efficient rainwater drainage, both vertically and horizontally, below permeable paving. Geocell solves the problems of floors laid on poorly permeable bases since, by ensuring an effective and rapid drainage, prevents the degradation of the flooring, especially if exposed to vehicular traffic.

New Elevetor Tank is used to build underground concrete water tanks. It is very suitable for retention or attenuation tanks under public spaces such as parking lots, parks or pedestrian areas, as well as for fire protection water storage tanks.

Drainpanel is used to create underground water basins for attenuation and infiltration for on-site stormwater regulation of residential and commercial buildings. It provides high capacity accumulation, and is suitable for installation in limited spaces.

Our products are lightweight, stackable, mechanically resistant, and easy- handling.

The webinar will be held by our Sales manager Roberto Cecchinato.

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