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Underground gas infiltration: radon effects and remedies offered by ventilated foundations

Webinar Underground gas infiltration

Radon is an odorless, tasteless, toxic, and radioactive gas, emerging from the soil as a result of uranium decay. Emitting cancerogenic particles that get into lungs, it causes lung cancer.

Radon gets into the interior of a building through any cracks, openings, joinings, holes, bathroom rough ins, or even fireplaces. It is also transferable by the air flow.

Ventilated foundations are the most efficient way to redirect radon from the building. To prevent the intrusion of radon gas, our products for ventilated foundations provide solutions that improve not only the wellbeing of the inhabitants, but also significantly speed up the building process, saving time and costs.

Our products Modulo and New Elevetor help building ventilated foundations, providing:

  • Radon-gas elimination from the underfloor cavity,
  • Rising damp prevention,
  • Improved air-quality in the interior of the building,
  • Firm and monolithic surface without cavities.

Our Sales manager Alessandro Gagliardi will present all the challenges and solutions in achieving radon elimination from buildings.

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