Since 2005 Geopanel plastic formwork has been reducing costs and improving sustainability

Geoplast Geopanel plastic formwork

In 2005 we were the first to design and manufacture a recycled plastics formwork panel – Geopanel.

Geopanel aims to replace outdated wood and metal formwork which are demanding to handle, costly, and not sustainable. For the past 14 years Geopanel has been growing in use with hundreds of industrial, residential, commercial, and reconstruction projects. Geopanel is the next generation formwork in a construction industry in need of innovation. It improves the construction process drastically by reducing building costs, increasing building speed, increasing workers’ safety, and improving overall sustainability.

Geopanel’s top benefits over wood and metal formwork are:
1) Sustainability improvement due to the use of recycled plastics, easy handling, and reusability (up to 100 times),
2) Reduced use of transport, cranes, and other machinery due to lower weight of only 11 kg,
3) Reduced building costs due to no need for machinery, easy handling, and reusability,
4) Faster building due to no need for machinery and easy handling,
5) Improved workplace safety due to lower weight and easy handling,
6) Improved use of the workplace space due to stackability,
7) Overall building process improvements when Geopanel is used in combination with our other Formworks, Slabs, and Foundation products.

Geopanel renting
Due to reusability, Geopanel is an excellent formwork for renting. Contact us for renting opportunities here.

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