Video – New Elevetor setup in Teolo, Italy

New Elevetor is the go-to solution for constructing large industrial foundations, offering increased sustainable proftability and a load capacity of up to 10.000 kg/m2.

In the expansion project of a refrigeration warehouse in Teolo, New Elevetor was used to prevent frost heaving in the floor structure, which was exposed to a constant -25 degree temperature. The project’s sustainable profitability was enhanced by the quick installation and reduced use of wood, EPS, and aggregates.

The setup of New Elevetor completed manually in just a few simple steps:

1. The pedestals were placed on the previously prepared base,
2. Vertical tubes were set up at a specified height,
3. The top formwork was installed, serving also as a walkable base for the workers,
3. Rebar was placed and concrete was poured according to project requirements.

Our video illustrates the ease of the installation process. Watch it to see how simple and efficient setting up New Elevetor can be.