Video – Drainroof setup at Vimar logistic hub in Marostica, Italy

With a focus on energy efficiency and low maintenance, the builders of the Vimar logistics and production hub sought a solution for the project’s green roof.

Drainroof was used to set up an extensive green roof covered with sedum plants, achieving 3 tasks at once: protecting the waterproofing layer, improving rainwater drainage, and enhancing insulation to reduce heat loss in winter and air conditioning needs in summer.


Drainroof for Vimar logistic hub in Marostica, Italy
The green roof was set up manually in just a few steps:

1. Geotextile was laid over the waterproofing layer,
2. Drainroof trays were placed and buckled together,
3. Drainwoof was covered with water-retaining pumice and a geotextile layer,
4. The vegetation layer, consisting of soil substrate and sedum plants, was added.

Watch our video to see how fast and simple the installation was.