Cut carbon footprint in 5 steps: New Nautilus Evo setup guide

Cut carbon footprint with New Nautilus Evo

New Nautilus Evo is designed to reduce the use of concrete and steel by more than 15 % compared to full concrete slabs. It is also made of lightweight recycled plastic, allowing for effortless setup and enabling you to streamline your construction process while prioritizing sustainability.

In your next project, use New Nautilus Evo to complete both tasks at once and reduce the carbon footprint in these 5 easy steps:

1. Create the base deck
Create the base deck
Begin by creating a level and sturdy base deck. Install the lower reinforcement according to the project specifications.
2. Place the modules
Place the modules
Place New Nautilus Evo modules onto the prepared base. Connect the modules with spacers to maintain the correct spacing and alignment.
3. Install reinforcement
Install reinforcement
After placing the modules, install additional lower and upper reinforcement according to the structural requirements. Ensure that all reinforcement is properly positioned and secured.
4. Perform the first pour
Perform the first pour
Perform the first concrete pour halfway up the height of the modules. Use a vibrating tool to remove any air pockets and ensure the concrete fills all spaces evenly.
5. Perform the second pour
Perform the second pour
Once the first pour has set, perform the second concrete pour. Ensure that the concrete has a level and smooth finish.

To purchase or learn more about New Nautilus Evo, contact Federico Minaldo, our Chief Engineering Officer, at or connect with him on Linkedin.