Residential Building Ventilated Foundation, Cape Town, South Africa

Solutions applied
Products used

This is one of our latest worksites in South Africa.
We are in Tierboskloof, Hout Bay which is located in a beautiful valley on the Atlantic seaboard of the Cape Peninsula.
Multimodulo, the recycled PP system for ventilated foundation plated in R.C. was attentively chosen for a residential project that presented many challenges. In fact, the steep slopes and the presence of groundwater required a light and easy to install construction system.Geoplast’s Multimodulo H17 was perfect for this aim and was selected to build the surface beds which was casted integrally with the wall foundations in order to erect a monolithic structure. The advantages of our construction method have been immediately apparent:
– a waterproof surface bed which helped to deal with the difficult ground conditions;
– a ventilated void below the foundation to deal with the groundwater issues;
– reduced concrete quantity;
– easy access to the worksite thanks to Multimodulo lightness. 

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