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Although the problem of urban resilience spans global scale, we strongly believe that it can be achieved literally by the details – simply by products embedded in every element of a building. We designed products that respond to several resilience types:

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Geoplast products that improve urban resilience

Geoplast resilience
Around 40 million people in the world are under constant flooding risk in coastal cities. Floodings are consequences of sea level rise, hurricanes,
high tides, groundwater rise, or extreme precipitation.

How can Geoplast reduce climate change by 2030

The UN is clearly warning us that time is running out and that our actions today are critical in ensuring a safe and sustainable future for everyone.

Voided slabs’ benefits

Voided slabs are significantly improved versions of solid slabs and offer more improvements for the building as a whole. They consist of two thin
slabs and ribs connecting them, having the same or better performances than a solid slab, with less concrete used.

The thermal and energy benefits of the green roof for residential projects

Green roofs are one of the main strategies used in bioarchitecture to limit the environmental impact of the construction industry.

Geocell easily increases drainage areas

As water management and flooding resilience are more demanding, we recognized the need for a solution that easily and efficiently increases
drained areas. For this reason we designed Geocell.

What if 56,000 km2 of parking lots were green?

Green parking lots are easy to install and maintain, and are replacing asphalt and other materials as a sustainable solution for parking lots.

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