Top 5 Geotub projects

Geotub is a reusable plastic formwork for the production of round and oval columns. Unlike the other formworks (in wood or cardboard), it is easy to install and quick to dismantle. Since each modular element is very light, weighing less than 11 kg, installation requires less manpower and no machinery. Stackable modules in different sizes make Geotub usable for different types of solutions: difficult worksite conditions, adjustable cross-section of columns, lean construction, smooth surface of round columns height up to 6 m, and specific environmental circumstances.

Our top projects with Geotub:

Oslo Gardermoen Airport Expansion ‘Non-Schengen East’, Oslo, Norway

Extension of the Oslo airport is a new building of 2,800 m², intended for ‘Non-Schengen East’ part of the airport. Since the existing main airport building and runways were being used during the construction works, organisation of the construction site suffered great limitations, including wet environmental conditions, and airport dust and dirt.

Kalasatama Redi Towers, Helsinki, Finland

Kalasatama is the new residential and business district built on Helsinki waterfront, with a total of 1,000,000 m² housing area, along with 390,000 m² of office space. Geotub is used for the construction of an underground car park, carved into the rock. It is situated 30 meters below the road surface and it is integrated to Kalasatama subway station line.

Vélodrome stadium, Marseille, France

During the reconstruction project of Vélodrome stadium in Marseille, problem was the lack of space for a crane and formwork. Our Geotub was chosen for reinforcement of foundation piles and columns, due to the possibility to be installed by hand. Here is how Geotub supported lean construction:

  • Modular elements allow easy storage, installation, and removal from one installation position to another;
  • Lightness provides fast installation and dismantling using less manpower;
  • Reusability, sturdiness, and easy maintaining process.

Geoplast Headquarters, Grantorto, Italy

Geoplast headquarters is one of our multi-solution projects. Geotub was chosen because it allows the installation of round columns up to 6 m high. It is fast to install and dismantle and offers an excellent smooth surface finish to the columns.

Turnpike Highway, Florida, USA

Geoplast formwork for round and oval reinforced concrete columns was used in Florida for the creation of a series of round columns for the bridge that crosses Turnpike Highway. Geotub oval shape columns were adjusted to specific needs of the traffic plan. Columns (6 m high, 0.9 m diameter) were installed without using cranes or any other mechanical means. In this case it was an excellent choice, especially because the highway traffic continued the flow 
without interruptions.

Geotub offers a wide variety of solutions: renovation of degraded columns, column construction in submerged conditions, foundations for electricity pylons, precast columns construction, seismic resilience, and flood protection for residential housing.

Our formwork products are available for rent internationally.