Geoplast projects improve sustainability of Milan

Milan has a goal to improve its urban sustainability until 2030, with the new Territory Governance Plan. Well known economic capital of the country and former industrial center, Milan is trying to overturn its grey colour into green. The most famous step in this direction was Bosco Verticale by Stefano Boeri Architects, which took on greater proportions by last year’s decision to plant 3 million trees by 2030 to fight climate change and improve air quality.

Geoplast provided a large scale of successful solutions for sustainable projects in Milan, including water management, green roofs and facades, and resilient foundations. Our solutions were included in a variety of functions, from large urban districts to interior design. These projects show that the key to a successful sustainable design of any scale requires the synergy of technology and design throughout the design process.

Our sustainable projects in Milan:

Symbiosis Business district’s main square built with Geoplast foundation solutions, Milan, Italy

Symbiosis is an urban renewal project of the historic industrial area to a new Business district, with a surface of 125,000 m². This multi-solution Geoplast project included Modulo and Multimodulo, ventilated formworks, and New Elevetor, crawl space formwork with the height up to 3 m, all used for the construction of District’s main square.

Libeskind residences, Milan, Italy

Geoplast’s Defender was used during the construction of Libeskind’s unique residences, in order to create a protective waterproof barrier for basements, because it reduces the moisture problems while maintaining resistance to soil compression.

Allianz cloud sports hall in Milan

Multi-use Allianz Cloud sports hall is the part of the sports complex Lido in Milan. Our Drainpanel was used to create 4 underground basins for rainwater accumulation. Drainpanel modular elements were laminated in 7 levels, creating high capacity accumulation space.

Malpensa airport green roof, Italy

Drainroof H6 was used for the construction of a roof garden at the entrance to Milan Malpensa airport. The roof garden is an element of integration between the surrounding greenery and the hyper-urbanized context of the airport.

Coin fashion store, Milan, Italy

Coin, an upmarket Italian department store, designed interior of their flagship shop with green-walls, using Geoplast’s Wall-Y modular grids for growing vertical gardens. In total, Coin covered around 183 m² of walls with vertical gardens, with 110 pot accessories.