Geoplast Projects

Oslo Gardermoen Airport expansion non-schengen east

Solutions applied
Products used
Project size
  • 2800 m2

The extension of the Oslo airport consists of a new building of 2,800 m2, previewed to be the ‘Non-Schengen East’ part of the airport. Since the existing main airport building and runways were being used during construction works, organisation of the construction site suffered great limitations to the use of cranes that might help installation of the formwork.

To respond to complex construction site conditions, our Geotub formwork was used for:

  • Efficient erection and dismantling of formwork by hand if  no machinery was available,
  • Modularity and therefore simple storage and replacement on the construction site,
  • Resistance to wet environmental conditions,
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning from the dirt,
  • Reusability.

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