Top 3 Geoplast solutions for sustainable refurbishments

Top 3 Geoplast solutions for sustainable refurbishments

In most areas of the EU, the annual rate of new building activity is less than 2 % of the total building stock. The majority of existing buildings were constructed back when energy standards were low, which makes sustainable renovations critical in addressing the climate emergency. Below are our top 3 sustainable solutions for your next refurbishment project.

Drening – better urban flood resilience

Drening is our linear, high-capacity module designed to easily adjust to any available space on the property. It provides both rainwater drainage and harvesting for irrigation, fire control, or domestic use.

Drainroof – improved energy efficiency

Drainroof is a modular tray that can be easily installed on both flat and sloped roofs of up to 20 %. It covers the building with a layer of soil and plants, which improves the building’s insulation and saves up to 40 % of heating and cooling energy.

Salvaverde – against urban heat island

Salvaverde is designed to create high load-bearing driveways on grass surfaces. This reduces the need for asphalt pavings, increasing soil permeability and green areas in urban environments.

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