Skynet – the only lightweight fill formwork compliant with Eurocode

Skynet - the only lightweight fill formwork compliant with Eurocode

And we have another new product in our foundations range.

Today we are launching Skynet – the only formwork for lightweight fills that is fully compliant with international building codes Eurocode (EC2), NTC2018, and ACI213.

Unlike the unstable and unsustainable solutions such as compacted soil and gravel, Skynet provides total structural reliability thanks to:

  • Large, 71×71 cm top formwork that casts ribbed concrete slabs of 25-35 cm in height,
  • Ø250-300 mm tubes that create high load-bearing columns complaint with international codes,
  • Ø125 mm tubes that support the top formwork but stay empty during the casting phase,
  • 2 types of base pedestals for concrete surfaces and soft expanding soils.


Geoplast Skynet formwork

Along with being able to withstand the highest static and dynamic loads, Skynet offers many other advantages, such as:

  • Creating flat, stepped, and sloped structures of up to 3m height,
  • Reduced use of concrete,
  • Easy and intuitive installation,
  • Increased worksite efficiency with more than 80% time saving,
  • Easy installation of MEP systems and ventilated crawl spaces,
  • Made of recycled materials.

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