Increase construction circularity with Geoplast

Increase circularity in construction with Geoplast

Circularity implies using the resources as long as possible, extracting their maximum value, and putting them to new use at the end of their life cycle. Geoplast products allow you to apply these 3 critical strategies to increase circularity in construction.

Refurbishment prolongs the life of existing buildings, reducing demolition waste. Products like Geotub and Geotub Panel are made for refurbishments – they are light and produced in manageable dimensions suitable for manual setup in small spaces.

Use less material
Reducing embodied carbon is crucial for increasing circularity in the construction sector. Foundation and slab products like Modulo and Skyrail replace carbon-intensive concrete and fills with void space, limiting their use in new buildings.

Use recycled solutions
Recycling reduces the sourcing and mining of unsustainable virgin materials. Geoplast products, Aquabox and Multimodulo among others, are made of recycled plastic waste to increase circularity in construction.

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