My top 5 Modulo projects

Modulo is the first product I designed in 1997. I wanted to apply ancient Roman designs to modern problems. It is made of recycled plastics and improves the construction process, building quality, and the well-being of residents. Its biggest advantages are the prevention of vapor and radon intrusion, concrete and building material reduction, and seismic resilience. For more than two decades, it has been used in thousands of projects. Here is a list of my top 5 favorite projects:

Symbiosis Business District in Milan


Location: Milan, Italy
Project size: 5,000 m²
Architects: Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel
Advantages: Discrete spaces for wiring and technical equipment, concrete mass reduction, seismic resilience.

City of Art in Valencia

Location: Valencia, Spain
Project size: 1,800 m²
Advantages: increased speed of construction, improved resilience of alternative materials.
Architects: Santiago Calatrava

Morocco Mall in Casablanca

Location: Casablanca, Morocco
Project size: 200,000 m²
Why: ventilation, concrete reduction.
Architects: Design International

Fridge cell in Brescia

Location: Brescia, Italy
Project size: 5,000 m²
Advantages: ventilation ports which prevent the buildup of condensation and frost heaving.

Residential Building in New Jersey

Modulo Geoplast New Jersey vapor intrusion

Location: New Jersey, United States
Project size: 2,000 m²
Advantages: Ventilation and protection of residents from harmful vapor intrusion, concrete reduction, seismic resilience.