Replace stormwater retention ponds with our innovations

Replace retention ponds with our innovations

Here is how NOT to handle a problem of stormwater runoff:

1. Seal the city soil with buildings and paved areas that make it prone to flooding,

2. Solve the flooding problem by digging out the remaining permeable land to create space-consuming, structurally demanding stormwater ponds,

3. Bring on a number of stagnating water maintenance issues, such as the accumulation of trash, chemicals, algae, insects, and the upkeep of surrounding vegetation, to prevent health hazards, clogging, and flooding.

Here is how to really solve the problem of stormwater runoff:

1. Create compact basins UNDER the built areas
Our stormwater innovations are made of durable plastic and have a 96 % retention capacity, which creates more compact underground basins and saves permeable land areas.

2. Allow fast and easy installation
All our water modules are designed to be installed quickly, by simply placing and locking the modules together with no lifting machinery and mechanical tools.

3. Make the basins adaptable to various urban conditions
Our rainwater solutions are made in various shapes in order to easily adjust to any available excavation depth and volume.

4. Provide multi-use
Each of our innovations can be utilized for different types of stormwater management: retention, infiltration, storage, or rainwater harvesting.

5. Allow sustainable use of resources
Our solutions save city resources by enabling rainwater reuse for fire protection, irrigation, or cleaning. They also reduce the use of materials by being recycled and 100% recyclable.

6. Reduce health risks
Our stormwater innovations are non-toxic and keep the water safe under the ground, protecting it from surface debris, insects, and weathering conditions.

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