Skydome completes 10 tasks at once

Skydome lightened slab formwork
Construction worker placing Skydome module
Skydome modules at construction site
Skydome ceiling at the office building interior

Multi-use is a key feature of all our innovations. No matter which one you pick, it is always going to provide several solutions at once. Here is a selection of 10 tasks that can be carried out by Skydome:

1. Easy manual installation
Skydome is made of ABS plastic that weighs a maximum of 6.5 kg, which enables its manual handling, improved worksite safety, and construction in limited spaces inaccessible to mechanical equipment.

2. Large spans
Skydome creates a matrix of voids that lighten the slab, permitting it to span up to 13 m without beams, walls, or columns.

3. Multi-use of space
By reducing the number of interior walls and columns, Skydome creates flexible, open-plan spaces that allow the mixed-use and easy transformation of the interior.

4. Improved interior design
Skydome modules are shaped to create a waffle effect ceiling that can be left exposed for an aesthetically pleasing contemporary interior.

5. Improved acoustics
The waffle-shaped cavities refract sound waves, significantly improving the acoustics of the interior, which is particularly useful in public buildings, schools, and lecture halls.

6. 30 % less concrete for slabs
Skydome decreases the use of concrete by 30 %, which reduces construction time and transport, making slab construction more profitable and sustainable.

7. Reduced use of concrete in the entire building
Reduced slab weight decreases the load on supporting elements, e.g. walls, columns, and foundations, successively lowering the use of concrete in the entire building.

8. Improved seismic performance
Lowered mass of the building reduces its oscillation during an earthquake, improving its seismic performance.

9. Reduced storage space
Skydome elements are made of stackable hollow plastic, which reduces the number of truckloads and worksite storage space.

10. Improved sustainability
Skydome is made of recycled plastic that is 100 % recyclable and 100+ times reusable, which makes it significantly more sustainable than timber and metal options.

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