Aquabox is more sustainable and profitable than concrete tanks

Concrete production is not on track and reducing its use is crucial for making the construction industry more sustainably profitable. Aquabox is made of recycled plastic modules that offer several advantages over concrete stormwater management tanks.

1 Sustainability
Aquabox creates concrete-free tanks made entirely of recycled plastic, which increases the sustainability of stormwater management projects.
2 Productivity
While concrete tanks require at least a week of work, a 300 m3 Aquabox basin can be assembled by only 5 workers in 3 days.
3 Less machinery
Less machinery
Unlike concrete tanks, Aquabox allows fast and easy manual installation, which reduces the use of machinery on the construction site.
4 Efficient logistics
Efficient logistics
Aquabox modules are light and stackable, requiring less transportation and storage space than concrete stormwater tanks.
5 Versatility
Aquabox basins are built of modules that can easily adjust to any available space, which is particularly important for busy urban areas.
6 Profitability
With less material, workforce, machinery, and transport, an Aquabox basin costs 30 % less than a concrete stormwater tank on average.