Our most innovative high-rise residential projects

High-rise residential buildings are a great opportunity for innovative solutions which provide a highly efficient, profitable construction, and a sustainable environment for the residents. Over hundreds of construction projects, we used our entire product range achieving great savings, improving sustainability, and resident wellbeing.

CityLife Residences, Milan

Geoplast Defender CityLife Residences Milan

The CityLife Residences designed by the famous Daniel Libeskind were a luxury development in the new northwest district of Milan. Defender was an innovative solution for protecting the basement walls that created ventilated and waterproofed spaces between the building and the backfill around it.

Hathaway House Redevelopment, London

Geoplast, New Elevetor Tank, Hathaway House redevelopment, London

The Hathaway House residential development needed large underground spaces for parking, storage, and water accumulation facilities. New Elevetor Tank helped build an innovative rainwater accumulation tank for draining the surrounding public surfaces and enabling water harvesting at the same time.

Kalasatama REDI Towers, Helsinki

Geoplast, Geotub, Kalasatama REDI Towers, Helsinki

Kalasatama REDI Towers were built at the limited worksite of the Helsinki waterfront. Geotub’s innovative system provided a fast and efficient construction of a parking lot that was carved into the rock and situated 30 meters below the road surface.

Varyant Tower, Izmir

Geoplast Varyant Tower Izmir

Varyant Tower was designed with a hexagonal floor plan in order to provide better lighting and magnificent views, but also to minimize heat loss and increase seismical resilience. Our New Nautilus Evo proved perfect for these innovative goals – it significantly reduced structural loads, while also decreasing construction costs.

Bermondsey Works, London

Geoplast, Completa, Bermondsey Works, London

The roof of Bermondsey Works needed to be transformed into a roof garden to serve as an outdoor community space. Completa innovative trays created a pleasant green space covered with Sedum plants, while also improving the stormwater management and thermal insulation of the building.

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