Geoplast innovations that replace outdated methods

Geoplast Geopanel construction of walls, pillars and columns
Geoplast Modulo lightweight structural fillings
Geoplast Geogravel high resistance grid for gravel parking
Geoplast Aquabox stormwater retention, infiltration, disposal, or reuse

In 20 years we launched over 40 products each with multiple innovations. With every product, we tried to make the world better by matching sustainability with business needs. These are our favorite innovations that use recycled plastic to replace outdated, unsustainable, and costly solutions:


Geopanel is the iPhone of the construction industry. It completely changed the industry creating an irreversible trend of lightweight recycled plastic formworks. Soon, thanks to Gepanel, construction sites will stop using unsustainable, heavy, and dangerous wooden and metal panels.

Modulo, New Elevetor

Modulo and New Elevetor replace unsustainable materials such as polystyrene and reduce the use of concrete by 20 %. This decreases CO2 emissions, greatly improving the environmental impact of new construction projects.


Geogravel is the go-to innovation for replacing asphalt with sustainable car parks and driveways. It combines the stability of a paved surface with the porousness of gravel, providing a durable surface that maintains the natural water cycle in urban areas.


Aquabox is completely replacing the inflexible concrete water management systems with its light modules. Aquabox can form basins of any size and is extremely easy to transport and install, covering a variety of solutions: from stormwater retention, infiltration, and disposal, to water harvesting and reuse.

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