Our favorite Geoplast solutions

Our favorite Geoplast solutions
Recycled plastic is lighter, more durable, and more sustainable than construction materials such as aggregates, metal, and wood. Because of that, our products can be applied in virtually any part of the construction process, from foundation to roof. Below is a selection of 5 of our favorite solutions, each from a different product range.
1 Modular access ramps and stairs
Modular access ramps and stairs
New Elevetor and Elevetor Max consist of base pedestals, top formwork, and height-adjustable vertical tubes. This allows them to create flat, stepped, or sloped surfaces of up to 3 m in height, and makes them perfect for access ramps and landscape projects.
2 Renovation of degraded columns
Renovation of degraded columns
Unlike the formwork made of wood, metal, and cardboard, Geoplast recycled plastic formwork is light, weather resistant, and allows lateral placement, which makes it irreplaceable for reconstructions of degraded columns.
3 Reusable formwork for lightweight slabs
Reusable formwork for lightweight slabs
Along with reducing the use of concrete by creating monodirectional and bidirectional lightened slabs, Skyrail and Skydome are also light, modular, and reusable, for a less complicated and more sustainable slab construction.
4 Carrier planted roof garden
Carrier planted roof garden
Completa does several jobs at once. It protects the waterproofing, increases green areas, and retains stormwater to prevent runoff and flooding, which reduces the climate crisis impact in urban areas.
5 Household rainwater harvesting
Household rainwater harvesting
Knowing that rainwater reuse may be challenging in cities, Geoplast has developed water products in all shapes and sizes to make rainwater harvesting possible in any available space and excavation depth.