Geoplast one-click assembly: the secret of ease-of-use and safety

We love the CLICK sound when Geoplast products connect!

Mirco Pegoraro, CEO and head of Geoplast design, drew inspiration from the easy assembly of consumer items and applied the snap-fit buckling system to Geoplast recycled plastic products.

The one-click system opened endless possibilities in Geoplast product design, delivering multiple advantages over construction products made of wood and metal:

Easy assembly

A simple click was required to seamlessly slot Geoplast product components into place, ensuring swift and hassle-free installation.

Intuitive setup

Even unskilled workers could effortlessly complete the installation process without the need for extensive training or supervision.

Faster construction

Geoplast products could be assembled in a matter of minutes, allowing for improved project timelines and overall efficiency.

No need for tools or heavy equipment

The one-click setup streamlined the process of manual installation, minimizing the requirement for heavy tools and complex mechanical equipment.

Improved safety

Manual installation of lightweight product components reduced strenuous activities and the risk of on-site accidents, improving overall worksite safety.

Cost reduction

Streamlined work processes delivered substantial cost reduction by saving construction time, labor, and equipment usage.

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