No time for conferences – take sustainability into your own hands

COP27 has ended, this time with a conclusion of its failure to commit the world’s major emitters to phase down fossil fuels, or deliver new commitments on climate mitigation. After yet another unsuccessful conference, there is no more time to waste – we need to take matters into our own hands. Here are things you can do now without delay.

1 Use recycled plastic

Use recycled plastic

Use recycled plastic formwork for height adjustments and structural elements instead of unsustainably sourced concrete, metal, gravel, and EPS.

2 Reuse and rent

Reuse and rent

Reuse and rent formwork instead of relying on disposable cardboard and timber alternatives you will discard after only a few uses.

3 Limit the use of concrete

Limit the use of concrete

Use lightened slabs to reduce embodied carbon emissions coming from producing, transporting, and installing concrete on site.

4 Sustainable climate mitigation

Sustainable climate mitigation

Use sustainable green and stormwater management solutions to increase green areas and mitigate the risk of flooding and runoff.

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