The biggest opportunities in construction

Make construction easier

Sustainable profitability sees challenges as opportunities. Here is what our team thinks are the biggest opportunities in construction today:

Sustainable construction

Although the sustainability codes are getting stricter, the construction industry remains largely reliant on unsustainable materials and methods. Sustainable practices will need to become mandatory for each part of the construction process.
Suggested by Mirco, Roberto, Federico

Energy efficiency

The increasingly expensive energy is being joined with the requirement for as small a footprint as possible. This makes way for innovative solutions that can save energy and reduce the use of unsustainable materials.
Suggested by Mirco, Roberto

Infrastructure resilience

With climate events increasing each year, it is getting difficult to adapt new developments to the old city infrastructure. Instead of gravel and concrete, we need sustainable stormwater solutions, designed with environmental challenges in mind.
Suggested by Mirco


Demographic growth imposes the need for reduced construction times. Investing in good planning, research, and solutions that allow streamlining and standardization makes construction overall faster and less expensive.
Suggested by Mirco, Roberto

Lack of space

Constant traffic congestion in urban areas makes organizing construction sites more and more complicated. We need solutions that can function in limited spaces, difficult to approach by heavy machinery and large vehicles.
Suggested by Mirco, Roberto


Sustainable construction implies keeping the entire lifespan of the building in mind. A building needs to withstand many years of use, adapt to future climate and demographic trends, and be recycled after demolition.
Suggested by Mirco, Roberto, Paolo


Construction needs a software update. BIM and VR models are needed for the entire building process, from initial designs to the construction phase, in order to check if everything was made according to plan.
Suggested by Federico

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