2019 will be the year for engineers

Geoplast Christmas New Year tree

The crucial topics that  personally affected me the most in 2018 were the United Nations 2030 deadline for climate change action, and a recently published article by Jeffrey Sachs titled — “For Climate Safety, Call in the Engineers”.

We here at Geoplast were strongly taken aback by the findings found in these two articles. We believe that public opinion change is not sufficient to prevent climate change and that regulators and politicians have reached their limits. Preventing climate change and its negative effects — extreme weather and subsequent natural disasters, is now a job for engineers. We believe 2019 will be the year when engineers step on the front line to combat climate change through the practical implementation of existing technologies.

Technologies and methods that offset climate change and its effects have been available for decades, but have not been fully implemented. Not only our Geoplast products but also those of many other companies that focus on sustainability and resilience, such as ACOCobiax, Graf, Harpo, Purus, Rehau, Stormtech, and Wavin. The issue is not the lack of technologies and solutions, but the lack of will and knowledge to implement them.

This is a call to arms. We are asking all engineers to implement more sustainable, safer technologies to offset the causes of climate change and its negative effects. We must all strive not only to meet public opinion and regulation, but to surpass them. Every new project is an opportunity to implement a sustainable technology, every new day is an opportunity to discover more solutions to combat climate change.

Engineers, we believe in you. We are confident that in 2019 you all will be doing your best.

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