Geoplast’s Modulo for the new logistic centre of a renowned American E-commerce company, in Bergamo, Italy

Recently, 3600 square meters of Geoplast’s Modulo h45 were chosen in Casirate D’Adda near Bergamo, in Northern Italy for the elevation of the foundations of the new logistic centre of a famous American e-commerce company.

The new hub will extend over a surface of 34.000 square meters and will be structured to manage the storage and sorting of goods already in stock, in order to reduce delivery times and support independent companies that decide to sell by using the distribution network offered by the company.

Modulo was ideal for this project, because it permitted the physical separation of the the building from the ground, with just a single pour of the beams and the floor.

In fact it allows:

  • Stability and excellent seismic resistance;
  • An excellent ventilation of the whole structure;
  • An optimal thermal insulation, thanks to the control of natural convenction;
  • An easier maintenance and accessibility of plumbing and electric systems.

This logistics centre foundations, due to the activities is will host, will now be able of supporting heavy loads, thanks to the strong ribbed foundations slabs created with Modulo.

The monolithic structure will easily resist to both static and dynamic loads, also allowing the creation of technical rooms for the passage of undergound utilities.

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