Join Geoplast webinar “Vapor intrusion – Landfill redevelopment in USA”

Geoplast webinar Vapor intrusion – Landfill redevelopment in USA hosted by Marco Cazzola

Wednesday, April 24, 2018 at 06:00 pm CET, 12:00 pm EDT, and 9:00 PDT, our Business Development Sales Marco Cazzola will hold the webinar “Vapor intrusion – Landfill redevelopment in USA“.

Marco Cazzola is a Business Development Manager for Canada, North, Central and South America in our company. He is involved in cultivating meaningful, business productive relationships in the served communities and in the implementation of strategies for business development growth.

The webinar will be a great opportunity to go more deeply into the issue of Vapor Intrusion in USA, which is a very widespread problem and the matter of landfill redevelopment, that allows the restoration of the soil from harmful substances and materials.

Vapor intrusion is the accumulation of subsoil vapors in occupied areas of buildings.

The consequences of vapor intrusion can be:

  • Short term safety hazards (explosions);
  • Acute health effects (typical overexposure symptoms);
  • Aesthetic problems (odors);
  • Chronic health effects, due to long-term exposure to low level vapor concentrations.

In the webinar you will also have a closer look at Geoplast’s Foundation Solutions, which is the method we’ve developed to mitigate and solve this major issue.

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