Is there a better solution among all water management systems?

Cal Anderson Park Seattle Water Tank

During the last weeks, I’ve been answering to many questions regarding water accumulation and dispersion. Therefore, I would like to share some considerations about the opportunities that the market and Geoplast offer to those who have to face this type of problem.

The need to manage rainwater is a global concern. In some cases the effects of storms must be mitigated, so a large amount of water flows into the territory in a very short time, in other cases, its shortage needs to be managed. Cape Town is an example of this. In fact, in the last few months, in the South African city, the population could not consume more than 50 L per capita per day.

In countries like Germany, Brazil and China, the inhabitants of rural areas have benefited from central government funded programs, that enabled communities to collect and store water during the rainy season by managing the peaks with dispersion basins, for the subsequent use during the season. Singapore has created dispersion systems, that guarantee the lowest possible level of water contamination, protecting rivers and the sea. Australia, which is one of the most driest countries on Earth, has encouraged public funding for the population and businesses to research rainwater systems and technologies.

There are many variables to be evaluated in order to identify the best system:

  • Dispersion or accumulation;
  • Quantity of water to manage;
  • Water transfer method within the basin;
  • Available area for the water management;
  • Basin’s depth;
  • Need to guarantee and facilitate maintenance (contaminated territory or territory rich in dust or sand);
  • Loads to be supported by the basin, e.g. by the passage of mechanical means;
  • Level of aquifers;
  • Cost per m3;
  • Logistical limits or geographical constraints.

Is there a better solution overall? The answer is NO.

Each project has its own peculiarities, just think that among the solutions we have proposed or among the projects in which we have provided technologies there are:

  • Roof gardens with accumulation systems:“blue-roof”;
  • Water storage tanks capable of accumulating water, which filter through the upper soil substrates and can be used for irrigation;
  • Basins installed in special areas such as car parks, roundabouts, cycle and pedestrian paths;
  • Large storage sites, also for drinking water. Among these, for example, we can boast of the supply of important projects such as Lincoln Reservoir Cal Anderson Park (Seattle, USA) and Master Balancing Reservoir at Bhandup, Mumbai (by IVRCL).

Our greatest success is to share our knowledge about how we have solved these problems and the possibility of helping the design studio, investors or the construction company to find the best technical solution with the least investment possible.

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