Geoplast stormwater management for urban resilience

55 % (4.2 billion people) of the world’s population now lives in urban regions. The urban population is expected to increase to 68 % by 2050, adding another 2.5 billion people and 1.2 million km2 of built areas.

Urban lands are impervious which makes them prone to flooding, erosion, sewer overflow, and infrastructure damage. The destructive force of floods that became evident this summer is likely to increase with further urban expansion demanding immediate action in sustainable flood mitigation.

Geoplast stormwater management solutions are able to maintain the natural water cycle in the most intense storms in urban areas. Our projects demonstrate that:

Residential building, Trento – Aquabox

Geoplast, Aquabox, Residential building, Trento, Italy

Martinelli & Benoni construction company came to us with the problem of engineering a high-capacity rainwater infiltration basin in a limited space that restricted the use of gravel or pipes. Aquabox offered a 3 times greater storage volume with less excavation work and construction waste disposal.

Allianz Cloud sports hall, Milan – Drainpanel

Geoplast, Drainpanel, Allianz Cloud, Milan, Italy

Allianz Cloud is located in a city area prone to flooding due to many underground streams. Its expansion required additional parking infrastructure that would cause further drainage problems. Along with providing efficient stormwater management, Drainpanel’s lightness and stackability allowed easy logistics and improved building speed in this busy location.

Alessandria 2000 District, Alessandria – Drening

Geoplast, Drening, 2000 Alessandria District, Alessandria, Italy

Alessandria 2000 project aimed to improve the existing urban area by building new apartments, conference facilities, offices, and shops. This also brought the problem of disposing of the large volumes of stormwater (4,500 m3) into the undersized local sewer, which was prohibited by the city authorities. Drening helped resolve the issue by building 3 underground tanks designed to temporarily store the rainwater before infiltrating it into the ground.

Hathaway House redevelopment, London – New Elevetor Tank

Geoplast, New Elevetor Tank, Hathaway House redevelopment, London, UK

The Hathaway House redevelopment replaced the existing devastated area with 2 new mixed-use buildings. The project required additional underground levels with parking spaces, waste storage, and stormwater management tanks. New Elevetor Tank was chosen for the building of a high-capacity concrete basin in a limited space, allowing stormwater accumulation and its later reuse for irrigation and fire protection.

Marana Observatory, Crespadoro – Geocell

Geoplast, Geocell, Marana Observatory, Crespadoro, Italy

Our client Facchin Calcestruzzi s.r.l. came to us with the task of improving the permeability of the terrace at Marana Observatory. The space was open for visitors, requiring a drainage system that was efficient, stable, and quick to install. Unlike solutions such as gravel, Geocell was able to enhance the drainage of the terrace by allowing both vertical and horizontal water movement, while also withstanding heavy loads, and providing the 100 m2 per hour installation time.

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