With Runfloor you could drive a truck over your lawn

Runfloor is our high-strength soil stabilisation paver for permeable drivable areas. We tested it in partnership with the Ecam Ricert laboratory and it happens to have a load capacity of 6,000 kN/m2. This equals the weight of a little over 600 tons per m2, which means that not only could you drive a 15 ton Class 8 heavy-duty truck over your lawn, you could have 40 of them piled on top of one another and not ruin it.

Runfloor is made of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) which, together with the particular shape and thickness of its cells, has a higher load-bearing capacity than traditional paving systems. Along with its ability to withhold the stress of vehicles in motion and heavy-duty loads, it offers many other advantages:

  • The elasticity of LDPE gives it excellent performance in any type of climate,
  • It is chemically inert and ecological,
  • It is versatile and may be used for public and private car parks, as well as camping areas and equestrian surfaces,
  • Provides natural surface drainage with over 89% surface permeability,
  • May be used with grass, sand, or gravel,
  • Permeable green parking lots and driving areas increase the resilience and sustainability of urban areas.

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