Drening reflue: sustainable sewage for homeowners

Drening reflue is a cost-effective and sustainable solution for wastewater management for homeowners. It is used for the efficient disposal of domestic wastewater through sub-irrigation, following primary treatment. This is an ideal solution for residential areas that are not connected to the sewage system. Also, it can be a good additional solution in the case of the inefficient capacity of the existing sewage system on the property.

The solution is based on percolation, also known as sub-irrigation. This approach imitates the natural processes based on the regular top-to-bottom distribution of wastewater, in the so-called ‘percolation bed’ made of many layers of draining material. Thanks to its large infiltration surface, Drening guarantees a fast and uniform infiltration in the subsoil. Therefore, Drening is much more efficient than often used micro-perforated pipes, providing improved percolation purification results.

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Drening reflue
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