Best 9 Geoplast Projects of 2017

1. Kalasatama Tower in Finland

Kalasatama Tower, Finland

Kalasatama is a new residential and business district going up on waterfront sites adjacent to the Helsinki inner city, in Finland. Construction has already commenced and it is one of the biggest development projects in Helsinki. Geotub by Geoplast was used for an underground car park, carved into rock, that will rise under the commercial area. Our solution was used to pour the concrete columns of the parking, ensuring a great strength and load bearing capability to the entire structure.


2. Piedmont Mall Mondojuve

Piedmont Mall Mondojuve concrete water storage basins

MondoJuve, the largest shopping center in Piedmont Region. It is located in the area between the municipalities of Vinovo and Nichelino, close to Turin, and near the Juventus Training Center, where the Juventus Italian Football Club usually trains. MondoJuve is among the most innovative malls in Europe in terms of eco-sustainability. Geoplast’s New Elevetor Tank, the permanent formwork for in situ cast concrete water storage systems, was chosen to create 4.000 parking spaces with draining pavement while allowing the collection of rainwater and its later use for irrigation and fire system.


3. Lafayette Fashion Store in Rennes

Lightweight slabs at Lafayette Fashion Store in Rennes

New Nautilus Evo, permanent void former for lightweight bidirectional slabs, was chosen for the extension works of the famous fashion store Galeries Lafayette in Rennes, France. As the building is situated in the historic center of the city and the ancient existing walls had low resistance, the main requirement of this site was to create a light concrete slab poured on-site because the location made it difficult for trucks to access and bring prefabricated slabs.


4. Varyant Tower, Bornova, Turkey

Lightweight slabs at Varyant Tower, Turkey

New Nautilus Evo, Geoplast’s permanent void former for lightweight bidirectional slabs, was recently chosen to build the slabs of the new Varyant Tower in Bornova, Turkey. In collaboration with our Turkish distributor ABS Yapı Elemanları, our solution was used for this hexagonally shaped tower, which gives a unique view over the Gulf of Izmir and a panoramic view of the city.


5. The New Terminal at San Francisco Airport

New Terminal at San Francisco Airport

Geoplast contributed to the construction of Terminal 1, Boarding Area B, with Geotub our reusable formwork system in ABS technopolymer for circular and oval columns. The works, that intended to build a series of round concrete columns for the reconstruction of New Terminal 1, were commissioned by  WEBCOR Builders. The new boarding area B will be provided with 24 fully-operating gates, among which 6 will accommodate international arrivals.


6. The Bowmont Gardens Villa in Singapore

The Bowmont Gardens Villa modern house
Geoplast was chosen for a private residential development in Singapore. Bowmont Gardens Villa is a 3-storeyed modern villa built by SL Global Pty LTD, using Geoplast’s Geopanel, Geosky and Geopanel Star. Geopanel, our system for concrete walls was chosen for the stairwells,  Geosky, our reusable formwork in ABS technopolymer for full concrete slabs with advanced dismantling, was used for the slabs, while Geopanel Star was chosen for the pile caps casting and afterward for the columns of each floor.


7. Craig House in Edinburgh

Flood tanks Craig House, Edinburgh
New Elevetor Tank , the permanent formwork for in-situ concrete tanks, was recently used at Craig House, a well-known historical site in Edinburgh, Scotland. Craighouse Housing Development, Morningside, required the construction of a concrete stormwater attenuation tank.


8. Hilton Lake Como Hotel

Hilton Lake Como rooftop gardens
Hilton Lake Como, is an elegant hotel near the western lakefront, that will be ready to welcome visitors within a few months. Geogravel, Geoplast gravel stabilizer grid, was chosen to create the footpaths of the hotel’s ground floor garden and rooftop gardens. Geogravel is the ideal solution for this kind of application, as it allows realizing gravel surfaces like yards, footpaths or driveways which ensure the same performances of an asphalted area, keeping the ground permeability unchanged.


9. St. John Penthouse in South Africa

St John’s Penthouse, Cape Town

St John’s Penthouse is a new luxury development, located on St John’s Road in Sea Point, in the Atlantic Seaboard of Cape Town; it consists of a series of two- and three-bedroom apartments and a Penthouse, which is the 17th Apartment. Our solutions Modulo and Minimodulo were very useful to meet the client’s request for a light and elevated surface, in respect of the existing flooring that reflected depth differences. After the concrete pouring, it was possible to continue to ensure the water flowing during rainfalls.

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