Biostabilization (better known as composting) is a process which allows the biological treatment of the putrescible part of waste, making it inert and therefore less dangerous to the environment.

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Waste treatment and smell neutralization


BIOMODULO is a specially designed formwork to create a perforated slab perfect for composting air diffusion systems and plants. Indeed, air distribution inside the plant simplify the installation compared to traditional systems.


Geoplast is always updated on latest technological innovation, selecting the right materials to guarantee high quality, and find solutions to treat organic waste, reducing the burden on the environment. BIOMODULO, created with 100% regenerated PP, is resistant and adaptable and ensures a uniform distribution and diffusion of the air all over the surface of the perforated slab in composting plants and systems.


BIOMODULO has 4 nozzles closed by caps and is available in 2 different lenghts depending on the type of load, which will be applied on the slab of the composting systems. After the pouring, the caps are manually removed and the air can finally flow through the holes. BIOMODULO allows a regular distribution of the holes in the slab, making the air filtration and diffusion as homogeneous as possible and increasing the efficiency of the plant. The structure allows the transit of garbage trucks.


  • Modularity
  • Versatility
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Quick and easy to lay
  • Homogeneous air distribution
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