Sustainability in Building and Construction: Revising Definitions and Concepts

Hossein Zabihi, Farah Habib - Islamic Azad University Tehran Science and Research Branch, Leila Mirsaeedie

Building construction challenge, in recent years, is reduction of social, economical and environmental impacts of buildings along with their economical nature and increasing of life quality, and for these aims sustainable construction becomes important as building construction has important role in sustainable development. Sustainable development in any fields as construction and architecture defines in any words and from different point of views. In this study by review and studying definitions and concepts of sustainability in building and architecture sector, as sustainable design, architecture and construction, a comprehensive definition as Building sustainability model have been presented. Also, some aspects and main categories of sustainability in architecture and building are presented. Sustainability aspects in the building are categorized in four groups of environmental, social, economical and technical issues. In each group some of general factors are shown. The mentioned characteristics are some items consistent with sustainability principles and goals and they are effective in fulfilling goals of sustainability.

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