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Webinar: The advantages of the reinforced concrete raised floors

On the webinar ‘The advantages of the reinforced concrete raised floors’, on Friday 31 January 2020, at 16:00 CET, Luca Zausa, our Chief Sales Officer Global will present advantages of raised floors and our formwork products suitable for their creation.

Raised floors are widely used in all types of buildings, creating crawl space for technical services or for ventilation of foundations, and to substitute conventional filling applications in commercial, industrial, residential buildings, refrigeration cells, or schools. They are lightweight, easily installed, and require less manpower to be mounted.

All our foundations products used as formwork for raised floors provide following advantages to a building and its users:

  • Cost reduction during the construction phase, due to decreased amount of concrete embedded,
  • Crawl space used for infrastructure, MEP, and other appliances, wires, pipes, etc.
  • Protection from emission of Radon and other harmful gases emerging from the ground.

Modulo is designed to provide crawl space under foundation slabs, and is mostly used to create different floor levels and ventilated foundations in large projects like Arts & Sciences Foundation in Valencia.
New Elevetor is used to create raised floors in all types of buildings, but also in reconstruction projects where floor levels need to be changed, like in the public pool in Bazas, France.
Modulo and New Elevetor are also used to create slabs, ramps, stairs, or large public squares like the one in Symbiosis quarter in Milan.

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