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The practical advantages of a pre-vegetated modular green roof system

Geoplast webinar modular green roof

Green roofs are more than just a trend. They are contemporary city’s necessity to enlarge the green areas and improve the flooding resilience in cases of more and more abundant rainfalls. Green roofs contribute in a positive way with changes that improve urban sustainability and resilience:

  • Decrease the temperature on both the local and urban level,
  • Retain the rainwater and prevent flooding by slowing down its run-off,
  • Decrease the use of air conditioning appliances and save energy costs,
  • Improve sound and thermal insulation of the building’s shell and its interior,
  • Mitigate the ‘urban heat island’ effect in urban areas.

Our products Completa and Drainroof are designed to quickly form the green layer on any roof, be it existing or a new one. They present pre-vegetated modular green roof system, suitable as the turnkey solution easily applied following these steps:

  • Pre-vegetation of plants in trays,
  • Packaging of pre-vegetated trays in pallets and transport to the site,
  • Fast and easy installation, due to trays’ modularity.

Such a simple system has many practical advantages:

  • Placement on both flat and sloped roofs (up to 35 % slope),
  • Placement on almost any waterproof roof membrane known today,
  • Simplicity of installation and possibility of DIY (‘do it yourself’) intervention,
  • Installation throughout the whole year, while requires minimal maintenance due to resistant plants.

Our Sales Manager Europe Roberto Cecchinato will present the advantages of use of pre-vegetated modular green roofs and several projects that prove them.

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