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Webinar: Formwork in ABS techno-polymer and fields of application

Geoplast webinar ABS formwork

Alessandro Gagliardi, our Sales Manager for Asia-Pacific and East-Africa will present all possible applications and advantages in using our formwork products on the webinar on Thursday 5 December 2019, at 16:00 CET.

In order to become sustainable and efficient, the construction industry is transforming its processes regarding time- and costs-saving, and waste elimination. All the way from the production of the materials and elements, to the construction process itself, and further to the exploitation of the building, products and equipment used have to be lean.
We designed products which support this change.

Our formwork products are all made of ABS polymer, the material which is chemically and thermally stable, and strong enough to resist the load of the concrete during pouring. The advantages our formwork products provide to the construction process are:

  • Lightweight (11 kg max/piece),
  • Less manpower needed to complete the work,
  • Autonomy from cranes and heavy equipment, thanks to the lightness and quickness of their manual set-up,
  • Reusability (more than 100 times) and recyclability.

Being modular and combinable, these products can be used to create all elements of a structure:
Geopanel is our panel formwork used to create: walls, pools, slab supporting decks, lintels, or shear walls.
Geopanel Star is used for creation of columns, plinths, and walls.
Geotub is used for round and oval columns (with Geopanel), reparation of existing damaged columns.
Geotub Panel is used for rectangular and square columns.

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