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Lightweight formwork in ABS Techno-polymer: uses & applications

Join us for the webinar about the advantages and possible applications of our formwork products on Wednesday 24 March at 16:00 CET.

Geoplast formworks are made of recycled ABS polymer – a chemically and thermally stable material that is strong enough to withstand the load of concrete during pouring. They are lightweight, reusable, can be handled manually, and are therefore more cost-effective and sustainable than traditional formwork solutions. Being that they are modular and available in various sizes, our formworks can be used for casting all structural elements of the building:

  • Geopanel may be used for: walls, foundations, pools, slab supporting decks, lintels, or shear walls,
  • Geopanel Star is convenient for the creation of columns, plinths, and walls,
  • Geotub is used for casting round and oval columns, and for the reparation of existing damaged columns,
  • Geotub panel is used for rectangular and square columns.

The presentation will be held by Alessandro Gagliardi, our Sales Manager for Asia-Pacific & East Africa.

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