Ventilation of the foundations: Geoplast “No Radon” system for the buildings health and comfort

Radon Gas, results from the radioactive decay of uranium and it is a colourless and odourless gas that can be found throughout the earth crust and comes out of the ground, with variable concentration levels.

Outdoor this gas dissipates and remains harmless, on the contrary, when it infiltrates through building materials from the ground, it accumulates in buildings and becomes very dangerous. In Europe, it is estimated that twenty thousand deaths from lung cancer are caused by radon exposure annually.

The main source of Gas Radon presence in buildings are the foundations. The gas spreads from the inside of the earth through the rocks and soil to the surface. The quantity of Radon which forms in rocks and soil depends closely on their uranium and radium content. Geologically, the distribution of these two elements in the soil varies according to the type of rock or soil, depending on where and how they are formed. The radium level and type of rock deposit affect the radon concentration in the building site.

The remedies to deal with this danger are mainly aimed at separating Radon from indoor environments, by sealing and isolating the spaces from the ground. However, over time, due to the structural adjustment to which each building is subjected, the effectiveness of these measures tends to decrease and the Radon can once again infiltrate in the foundation. Only natural, uniform ventilation between the ground floor and the building base is truly effective, because it eliminates Radon by removing it from our homes or from any other place.

Modulo System allows the creation of ventilated monolithic foundations, capable of delivering radon gas to the outside, thanks to an optimised air circulation that takes advantage of the chimney effect. This is a natural phenomenon that usually takes place inside ventilated areas connected to the outside. It is generated by pressure differences due to air density and fluid temperatures. The chimney effect creates a continuous air circulation, which allows to obtain considerable benefits in terms of healthiness of the environments.

Modulo System is provided with:

  1.  Modulo Formwork made of recycled plastic materials, available in a wide range of sizes and a particular arch shape;
  2.  Geoblock closure element, which, in addition to allowing an optimal compensation in proximity of the foundation beams, makes the installation process more practical and easy;
  3. Pvc pipe for the natural ventilation of the system.


Case Study with Modulo: extension of the “Green Park” an healthcare center in Mantua

Recently, Modulo was used for the construction of the new Health Care Residence of Mantua Green Park, in Lombardy Region. This will be built next to the Health Park, which already has a state-of-the-art diagnostic centre and specialist medical clinics. The new Health Care Residence, will be the largest in the province of Mantua, and will be provided with 240 multi-functional beds, between traditional Health Care and other services related to social care services.

The building will have all the technologies of compliance and environmental sustainability. It will be Class A4, and will guarantee a high level of energy comfort, with a consequent reduction in energy consumption and therefore emissions into the environment. Modulo was perfect to guarantee these high standards, covering a surface of 1700 square meters, our formwork for ventilated foundations will allow to maintain healthy and liveable environments, guaranteeing at the same time, the elimination of rising damp and Radon gas. This is an even more important advantage that should be taken into account when constructing such buildings.

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