Geopanel: the Geoplast modular formwork solution for swimming pools

Creating a pool in an existing garden is an important challenge: the work must be fast, accurate and clean. But the house is inhabited, access to the site is often difficult, the garden must be touched as little as possible and it is practically impossible to have a crane available.

Transport and handling of construction equipment is often problematic: it is therefore preferable to work with light tools that are easy to transport and move by hand.

Geopanel formwork solution for swimming pool

Geopanel, the reusable formwork system for walls in ABS techno-polymer is the perfect solution to face the construction constraints of a reinforced concrete swimming pool.

Geopanel is a very flexible and easy to use tool, as it weighs only 15 kg/m2 (the heavier element weighs only 11 kg), thus being today the lightest hand-portable formwork solution on the market.

Learn more about the hand-portable formwork in ABS techno-polymer Geopanel.

Other pool formwork products

New Elevetor is the formwork for raising pool bottoms. Used to catch up levels, even when there are differences in slope between the old and the new pool bottom. Allows the passage of networks and can integrate siphons, illuminations or other technical elements. Very precise and fast implementation, the RC structure eliminates any risk of subsidence of the new bottom.

New Elevetor for swimming pool

New Elevetor used for the raising of the municipal swimming pool in Bazas, France.