A turf for any car with Geoplast grids

Geoplast green solutions used to create high resistance car parks
The wide range of Geoplast Green Solutions offers the most suitable grid for different needs, such as for example:
  • the realization of transitable turfs, even with the combined use of laying turf;
  • the protection of existing or sown turfs;
  • the creation of high resistance transition areas or parks.

Runfloor, Geoflor, and Geogravel are ideal to realize green or gravel transitable areas while ensuring a safe and long lasting result.

Runfloor is a high-strength plastic grass paver for permeable drivable areas, which increases soil stabilization and improves the rainwater drainage. Thanks to its reinforced structure, Runfloor is very resistant to heavy loads. The material of which it is made, LDPE, also guarantees optimal performances at any temperature.

Geoflor is a plastic ground paver for installation above existing lawns, particularly suitable for green parking lots or driveways. Thanks to its large cells, Geoflor can be installed directly over the existing turf, thus making the turf transitable and walkable while protecting the lawn and the root system.

Geogravel is a gravel stabilizer grid for driveways and car parks, which ensures the same comfort and stability of a paved surface. It keeps the ground permeability unchanged, as the micro-perforated base allows the natural drainage of the water into the soil.

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