Geoplast Wall-Y enriched the external façades of the new Dacla Group Laboratories

Vertical green is an eco-sustainable architectural solution that in recent years has become part of the design repertoire of modern architecture so that more and more buildings are now characterized by walls covered with lush vegetation.

Dacla S.r.l., leading company in leather trade based in Solofra, in the province of Avellino, has also been orienting in this direction, choosing Geoplast Wall-Y for its new building, which is used for Leather and Food Analysis Laboratory.

Wall-Y is the optimal solution for creating vertical green walls and to delimit spaces. It does not mind atmospheric agents and improves the energy performance of buildings. The original grid texture, available in several colors, embellishes the walls even before they are covered with vegetation.

Solofra’s intervention consisted of employing Wall-Y elements, 58×58 cm grid, for the rooting and growth of climbing plants along all external façades, thereby mitigating the environmental impact of the structure on the surrounding environment.

Andrea and Alfonso D’Urso, Group Managers, particularly appreciated the versatility and lightness of Wall-Y, ideal for ensuring a durable result, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Simplicity and installation speed have also allowed a quick and accurate work. The total area covered with Wall-Y was 780 m².

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