One Airport Square, Ghana

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One Airport Square, the iconic office building designed by the Italian architect Mario Cucinella, has become a landmark of the Airport District in the bustling city of Accra, Ghana. The building is conceived as mixed-use, with commercial space on the ground floor, and office space on the upper ten floors. Its form is recognizable for diagonal facade elements, which make the building resemble the bark of palm trees.

The irregular shape of the building plan and its mixed-use required fewer columns and slabs without beams. The chosen structural concept included slabs and thick concrete columns. This structure provided also cantilever slabs on the facade. The cantilevers protect the interior from sun rays.

The closeness to the busy airport area did not allow more than one crane on site. To create circular columns, our Geotub formwork with 80 cm diameter was chosen for its:

  • Lightweight,
  • Ease of use and precision,
  • Simple transport,
  • Simple maintenance,
  • Cost-saving due to less manpower needed to complete the work.

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