Top 3 Geoplast Green Roofs Projects

Geoplast Green Roofs Projects

Green roofs are becoming widely used in architecture as a strategy to reduce the effects of climate change. Apart from having the multiple benefits in residential and commercial buildings, they also significantly reduce the urban heat island effect.
Geoplast offers products for both extensive and intensive green roofs and therefore, has contributed to constructing various projects that included this important asset. Here are 3 notable ones that used our products for the construction of green roofs.

1. Dell’Angelo Hospital Green Roof, Venice, Italy

Dell Angelo Hospital Venice Italy

Dell’Angelo Hospital in Venice, Italy is the most technologically advanced hospital in Italy and one of the most cutting-edge in Europe. Geoplast grid for green surfaces, Geoflor, was used to create all access ramps and the perimeter garden having in mind that these areas have to be accessible not only to patients but also heavy emergency vehicles. On the other hand, Drainroof, regenerated Polypropylene support designed to construct roof gardens, was used to create the cover of the underground parking and ensure full protection of the waterproofing membrane of the roofs. It also allowed the proper storage of water as well as proper drainage and required ventilation of the green.

2. Despar supermarket Green Roof, Bologna, Italy

Geoplast Project Completa Despar Supermarket Green Roof

Despar Supermarket in Bologna, Italy, used Completa to construct 3.200 m2 of the green roof. For this project, 11.040 pieces of the pre-grown sedum carrier for the extensive green roofs were used in order to cover the whole surface of the building. This allowed complete protection of waterproofing and perfect management of hydric drainage.

3. Malpensa Airport Green Roof, Milan, Italy

Malpensa Airport Milan Drainroof

Milan Malpensa Airport is the largest international airport in northern Italy. On this project called “La porta di Milano” Geoplast collaborated with Archiverde, an Italian company that works on designing and constructing green spaces. They used Drainroof for the construction of the roof garden at the entrance of the airport. It successfully created the link between the surrounding greenery and the urban context of the airport.